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Are you looking for O Re Piya Lyrics? If yes then you are on the right place.”O Re Piya” is a soulful melody that transcends time, originating from the Bollywood movie “Aaja Nachle,” directed by Anil Mehta and starring the ever-charismatic Madhuri Dixit. Composed by the musical genius Salim-Sulaiman, and penned by the lyrical maestro Jaideep Sahni, this enchanting song takes listeners on a journey through the depths of love and longing.

Set against the backdrop of a quaint Indian village, “O Re Piya” opens with a serene melody that gently caresses the senses, inviting listeners into its world of emotions. The song’s intro serves as a prelude to the heartfelt tale that unfolds, capturing the essence of longing and desire with every note.

As the music begins to weave its magic, the ethereal voice of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan fills the air, infusing the lyrics with raw emotion and passion. His velvety vocals resonate with longing, echoing the sentiments of a heart yearning for its beloved.

O Re Piya Lyrics

The lyrics of “O Re Piya” delve deep into the complexities of love, expressing the pain of separation and the ache of longing for a lost connection. Each word is imbued with emotion, painting a vivid picture of the protagonist’s inner turmoil as they grapple with the absence of their beloved.

The imagery evoked by the lyrics is both poignant and evocative, transporting listeners to a world where love knows no bounds and the soul seeks solace in the memories of a cherished love. From the gentle rustle of the wind to the soft glow of moonlight, every element of nature seems to echo the protagonist’s yearning, adding depth and resonance to the song’s narrative.

As the music swells and the melody reaches its crescendo, “O Re Piya” reaches its climax, capturing the intensity of the protagonist’s emotions in all their rawness and vulnerability. It is a moment of catharsis, as the walls that guard the heart come crashing down, laying bare the depths of their love for all to see.

In the world of “Aaja Nachle,” “O Re Piya” serves as more than just a song; it is a testament to the power of music to transcend barriers and touch the deepest recesses of the soul. Through its haunting melody and poignant lyrics, it reminds us that love, in all its forms, is a force that binds us together, even in the face of adversity.

As the intro of “O Re Piya” draws to a close, it leaves listeners spellbound, eager to embark on a journey of love, longing, and redemption. It is a melody that lingers in the heart long after the final notes fade away, reminding us of the timeless power of music to move, inspire, and heal.

Details of O Re Piya Lyrics Full Song of Aaja Nachle Movie

Details of O Re Piya Lyrics Full Song of Aaja Nachle Movie are:

Detail Description
Song Title O Re Piya
Movie Aaja Nachle
Singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
Music Composer Salim-Sulaiman
Lyricist Jaideep Sahni
Genre Romantic
Language Hindi
Release Year 2007
Duration Approximately 6 minutes and 20 seconds
Awards Nominated for various awards, including the Filmfare Award for Best Male Playback Singer (Rahat Fateh Ali Khan)

O Re Piya Lyrics Full Song in English

O Re Piya Lyrics Full Songin English are:

O Re Piya Haaye, O Re Piya
O Re Piya Haaye, O Re Piya
O Re Piya Haaye, O Re Piya
Udne Laga Kyun, Man Baawla Re
Aaya Kahaan Se, Ye Hosla Re
O Re Piya, O Re Piya Haaye

Taanaabaana Taanaabaana Bunti Hawaa
Haaye Bunti Hawaa
Boonde Bhi To Aaye Nahi, Baaz Yaha Haaye
Sagish Mein Shaamil, Saara Jahaan Hai
Har Zarrein Zarrein Ki, Ye Iltiza Hai
O Re Piya, O Re Piya Haaye
O Re Piya Haaye, O Re Piya

Nazrein Bole, Duniya Tole
Dil Ki Zaban Haaye, Dil Ki Zubaan
Ishq Maange, Ishq Chaahe Koi Toofaan Haaye
Chalna Aahiste, Ishq Naya Hai
Pehla Yeh Vaada, Humne Kiya Hai
O Re Piya Haaye, O Re Piya Haaye, O Re Piya
Piyaaaaa Ye Piyaaaaa

Nange Pairo Pe Angaaro
Chalti Rahi Haaye Chalti Rahi
Lagta Hai Ki Gairo Me Mai Palti Rahi Haaye
Le Chal Waha Jo Mulk Tera Hai
Jaahil Zamana, Dushman Mera Hai Haaye
O Re Piya Haaye, O Re Piya Haaye
O Re Piya Haaye, O Re Piya Haaye
O Re Piya, O Re Piya, O Re Piya

O Re Piya Lyrics Full Song in Hindi

O Re Piya Lyrics Full Song in Hindi are:

ओ रे पिया, ओ रे पिया
उड़ने लगा क्यों मन बावला रे
आया कहाँ से यह हौसला रे

तानाबाना तानाबाना बुनती हवा
बूँदें भी तो आये नही बाज़ यहाँ
साजिश में शामिल सारा जहाँ है
हर ज़र्रें ज़र्रें की यह इल्तीज़ा है
ओ रे पिया …

नज़रें बोलें दुनियाँ तोलें, दिल की ज़बान
इश्क़ माँगे, इश्क़ चाहे कोई तूफान
चलना आहिस्ते इश्क़ नया है
पहला यह वादा हमने किया है
ओ रे पिया …

नंगे पैरो पे अंगारो चलती रही
लगता हैं के गैरो में मैं पलती रही
ले चल वहाँ जो मुल्क तेरा है
जाहिल ज़माना दुश्मन मेरा है
ओ रे पिया

O Re Piya Lyrics Full Song in Urdu

O Re Piya Lyrics Full Song in Urdu are:

او رے پیا، او رے پیا
اُڑنے لگا کیوں من باولا رے
آیا کہاں سے یہ حوصلہ رے

تانا بانا تانا بانا بنتی ہوا
بوندیں بھی تو آئے نہیں باز یہاں
سازش میں شامل سارا جہاں ہے
ہر ذرہ ذرہ کی یہ التجا ہے
او رے پیا …

نظریں بولیں دنیا تولیں، دل کی زبان
عشق مانگے، عشق چاہے کوئی طوفان
چلنا آہستہ عشق نیا ہے
پہلا یہ وعدہ ہم نے کیا ہے
او رے پیا …

ننگے پیروں پہ انگارو چلتی رہی
لگتا ہے کہ غیروں میں میں پلتی رہی
لے چل وہاں جو ملک تیرا ہے
جاہل زمانہ دشمن میرا ہے
او رے پیا

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