Chehra Kya Dekhte Ho – Salaami Movie Song

Are you looking for Chehra Kya Dekhte Ho? If yes then you are on the right place.”Chehra Kya Dekhte Ho” from the Bollywood movie “Salaami” is a timeless melody that captivates listeners with its soul-stirring lyrics, enchanting music, and mesmerizing vocals. Composed by the legendary duo Nadeem-Shravan and penned by Sameer, this iconic song beautifully captures the essence of love and longing.

The song serves as an emotional centerpiece in the film, setting the stage for poignant moments and profound expressions of affection. As the opening notes of the melody gently caress the ears, listeners are drawn into a world of romantic fervor and heartfelt emotions.

The lyrics of “Chehra Kya Dekhte Ho” delve deep into the complexities of love, exploring the myriad emotions that accompany it. Through poetic verses, the song expresses the yearning to behold the beloved’s face, to immerse oneself in the beauty of their presence, and to bask in the warmth of their gaze. Each word resonates with raw honesty and genuine emotion, striking a chord with anyone who has ever experienced the intoxicating power of love.


Chehra Kya Dekhte Ho – Salaami Movie Song



The music of “Chehra Kya Dekhte Ho” is a masterpiece in its own right, blending traditional Indian melodies with modern orchestration to create a symphony of sound that is both captivating and evocative. The haunting flute interludes, the soulful strains of the violin, and the rhythmic beats of the tabla come together seamlessly to weave a tapestry of melody that tugs at the heartstrings.

At the helm of this musical extravaganza are the melodious voices of Kumar Sanu and Asha Bhosle, whose unparalleled talent brings the song to life. Kumar Sanu’s velvety vocals infuse each line with raw emotion, while Asha Bhosle’s ethereal voice adds a touch of magic to the composition. Together, they create a harmonious duet that leaves an indelible impression on the listener’s soul.

As “Chehra Kya Dekhte Ho” unfolds on the silver screen, it serves as a poignant backdrop to the film’s narrative, enhancing the emotional depth of the storyline and elevating the romantic subplot to new heights. Whether it’s played during a tender moment between the protagonists or during a heart-wrenching separation, the song resonates with audiences on a profound level, leaving them spellbound by its sheer beauty.

Beyond its cinematic context, “Chehra Kya Dekhte Ho” transcends barriers of time and space to become a beloved classic in the annals of Indian music. Its timeless appeal continues to endure, captivating new generations of listeners with its universal message of love and longing.

In conclusion, “Chehra Kya Dekhte Ho” is much more than just a song; it’s a masterpiece that encapsulates the essence of romance and the power of music to touch the soul. With its heartfelt lyrics, enchanting music, and soul-stirring vocals, it stands as a shining testament to the enduring legacy of Bollywood music and remains etched in the hearts of music lovers everywhere.

Details of Chehra Kya Dekhte Ho Full Song of Salaami Movie

Details of Chehra Kya Dekhti Ho Full Song of Salaami Movie are:

Title Chehra Kya Dekhte Ho
Movie Salaami
Year 1994
Music Director Nadeem-Shravan
Lyricist Sameer
Singers Kumar Sanu, Asha Bhosle
Actors Ayub Khan, Roshini Jaffery
Director Shahrukh Sultan
Genre Romantic Drama
Language Hindi
Duration Approximately 6 minutes
Plot “Salaami” follows the story of two lovers, Suraj and Pooja, who face various challenges and obstacles in their path to love. “Chehra Kya Dekhte Ho” serves as a pivotal moment in their journey, capturing the depth of their emotions and the intensity of their love for each other. As they navigate through life’s trials and tribulations, the song becomes a poignant reminder of their enduring bond and unwavering commitment to each other.
Reception The song received widespread acclaim for its soulful melody, heartfelt lyrics, and stellar vocals. It became a chartbuster upon its release and continues to be cherished by fans of Bollywood music.
Legacy “Chehra Kya Dekhte Ho” remains one of the most beloved romantic songs in Hindi cinema, celebrated for its timeless appeal and everlasting charm. It has been covered and recreated numerous times over the years, solidifying its status as a classic in the pantheon of Bollywood music.

Chehra Kya Dekhte Ho Full Song in English

Chehra Kya Dekhte Ho Full Songin English are:

Sanu : Chehra Kya Dekhti Ho Dil Men Utar Kar Dekho Na -3
Mausam Pal Men Badal Jayegaa Patthar Dil Bhi Pighal Jayegaa
Meri Mohabbat Men Hai Kitana Asar Dekho Na
Aasha : Chehra Kya Dekhti Ho

Sanu : Thode Se Kariib Aao Aise Na Itaraao
Mujhse Sanam Door Baithe Ho Kyaa -2
Bechain Kar Dungaa Itanaa Tumhen Aake Lipat Jaaogi Dilarubaa
Aise Kya Sochati Ho Aake Idhar Dekho Naa -3
Aasha : Chehra Kya ……..

Main To Tumharii Hun Tumpe Dil Harii Hu
Phir Kisalie Hain Ye Betaabiya -2
Aake Gale Se Lagaa Lo Mujhe Ab Duuriya Na Rahen Darmiyaa
Kisane Tumhen Rokaa Hai Shaam-o-sahar Dekho Na
Sanu : Chehra Kya ……..


Chehra Kya Dekhte Ho Full Song in Hindi

Chehra Kya Dekhte Ho Full Song in Hindi are:

सानु : चेहरा क्या देखते हो ( दिल में उतर कर देखो न ) -३
मौसम पल में बदल जाएगा पत्थर दिल भी पिघल जाएगा
मेरी मोहब्बत में है कितना असर देखो न
आशा : चेहरा क्या देखते हो …

सानु : थोड़े से करीब आओ ऐसे न इतराओ
मुझसे सनम दूर बैठे हो क्या -२
बेचैन कर दूँगा इतना तुम्हें आके लिपट जाओगी दिलरुबा
ऐसे क्या सोचती हो आके इधर देखो ना -३
आशा : चेहरा क्या देखते हो …

मैं तो तुम्हारी हूँ तुमपे दिल हारी हूँ
फिर किसलिए हैं ये बेताबियाँ -२
आके गले से लगा लो मुझे अब दूरियाँ न रहें दर्मियाँ
किसने तुम्हें रोका है शाम-ओ-सहर देखो न
सानु : चेहरा क्या देखते हो …


Chehra Kya Dekhte Ho Full Song in Urdu

Chehra Kya Dekhti Ho Full Song in Urdu are:

سانو: چہرہ کیا دیکھتے ہو (دل میں اتر کر دیکھو نہ) -۳
موسم پل میں بدل جائے گا پتھر دل بھی پگھل جائے گا
میری محبت میں ہے کتنا اثر دیکھو نہ
آشا: چہرہ کیا دیکھتے ہو …

سانو: تھوڑے سے کریب آو ایسے نہ اتراؤ
مجھ سے سنم دور بیٹھے ہو کیا -۲
بے چین کر دونگا اتنا تمہیں آکے لپٹ جاؤگی دلربا
ایسے کیا سوچتی ہو آکے ادھر دیکھو نہ -۳
آشا: چہرہ کیا دیکھتے ہو …

میں تو تمہاری ہوں تم پہ دل ہاری ہوں
پھر کسلئے ہیں یہ بیتابیاں -۲
آکے گلے سے لگا لو مجھے اب دوریاں نہ رہیں درمیاں
کس نے تمہیں روکا ہے شام و سحر دیکھو نہ
سانو: چہرہ کیا دیکھتے ہو …

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