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Are you looking for O Majhi Re Apna Kinara Lyrics? If yes then you are on the right place.”O Majhi Re Apna Kinara” is a timeless gem that resonates with the essence of longing, love, and the undying spirit of human connections. Penned by the legendary Gulzar and composed by R.D. Burman, this song is an integral part of the soundtrack of the Bollywood classic film “Khushboo,” released in 1975. The film, directed by Gulzar himself, is a poignant narrative that explores the complexities of relationships, human emotions, and the delicate nuances of love.

As the soul-stirring notes of “O Majhi Re Apna Kinara” begin, they transport the listeners into a realm where the river becomes a metaphor for life’s journey, and the boat represents the voyage of the human soul navigating the vast expanse of emotions. The lyrics, intricately woven by Gulzar, capture the yearning of a lover who implores the boatman to steer his boat to the shore, to the haven of love and fulfillment.

The introductory verses of the song set the mood with a melancholic yet melodious tone, as the protagonist expresses a deep sense of separation and an earnest desire to reunite with the beloved. The choice of words by Gulzar is exquisite, painting a vivid picture of the emotions that ebb and flow like the river itself. The metaphorical use of the boat as a means of traversing the emotional tides adds layers of depth to the narrative.


O Majhi Re Apna Kinara Lyrics



The musical genius of R.D. Burman shines through in the composition, as he blends traditional Indian elements with a contemporary flair. The song’s arrangement is a seamless fusion of classical and folk influences, with the haunting melody of the flute and the rhythmic beats evoking a sense of both nostalgia and modernity.

“O Majhi Re Apna Kinara” is not merely a song; it is a journey in itself. Each word and every note resonates with the universal theme of love and the human quest for connection. The vocal rendition, led by the legendary Kishore Kumar, adds an unparalleled charm to the composition. Kumar’s emotive delivery brings the lyrics to life, making the listener feel the depth of the sentiments expressed in every line.

The cinematic context of the song within the film “Khushboo” further enhances its impact. The narrative unfolds with subtlety and grace, mirroring the elegance of the song itself. The visuals, coupled with the music, create a symphony of emotions that linger long after the song has concluded.

In conclusion, “O Majhi Re Apna Kinara” is a timeless masterpiece that transcends the boundaries of time and language. Its universal appeal lies in its ability to touch the chords of the human heart, invoking a sense of longing and love that resonates across generations. As one embarks on the lyrical journey of “O Majhi Re Apna Kinara,” they are bound to be captivated by the magic of Gulzar’s words and R.D. Burman’s melody, creating an everlasting imprint on the tapestry of Indian cinema and music.

Details of O Majhi Re Apna Kinara Lyrics of Khushboo Movie

Details of O Majhi Re Apna Kinara Lyrics of Khushboo Movie are:

Attribute Details
Song Title O Majhi Re Apna Kinara
Movie Khushboo (1975)
Lyricist Gulzar
Composer R.D. Burman
Singer Kishore Kumar
Genre Romantic, Melodious
Language Hindi
Director Gulzar
Release Year 1975
Lead Actors Jeetendra, Hema Malini
Context in Movie Emotional and Romantic Sequence
Significance Integral part of the movie’s soulful soundtrack
Legacy Considered a timeless classic

O Majhi Re Apna Kinara Lyrics in English

O Majhi Re Apna Kinara Lyrics in English are:

SaahiloN Pe Bahane Vaale
Kabhii Sunaa To Hogaa Kahin, O
Ho, KaagazoN Ki KashtiyoN Kaa
Kahin Kinaaraa Hotaa NahiiN
Ho Majhi Re Majhi Re
Koi Kinaaraa Jo Kinaare Se Mile Vo,
Apanaa Kinaaraa Hai
O Majhi Re

PaaniyoN MeN Bah Rahe HaiN
Kai Kinaare Tuute Hue O
Ho, RaastoN MeN Mil Gae HaiN
Sabhii Sahaare Chhuute Hue
Koi Sahaaraa Majhadhaare MeN Mile Vo,
Apanaa Sahaaraa Hai

O Majhi Re, Apanaa Kinaaraa, Nadiyaa Ki Dhaaraa Hai
O Majhi Re

O Majhi Re Apna Kinara Lyrics in Hindi

O Majhi Re Apna Kinara Lyrics in Hindi are:

ओ मांझी रे, अपना किनारा, नदिया की धारा है
ओ मांझी रे …

साहिलों पे बहने वाले
कभी सुना तो होगा कहीं, ओ …
हो, कागज़ों की कश्तियों का
कहीं किनारा होता नहीं
हो मांझी रे … मांझी रे
कोई किनारा जो किनारे से मिले वो,
अपना किनारा है …
ओ मांझी रे …

पानियों में बह रहे हैं
कई किनारे टूटे हुए ओ …
हो, रास्तों में मिल गए हैं
सभी सहारे छूटे हुए …
कोइ सहारा मझधारे में मिले वो,
अपना सहारा है …

ओ मांझी रे, अपना किनारा, नदिया की धारा है
ओ मांझी रे …

O Majhi Re Apna Kinara Lyrics in Urdu

O Majhi Re Apna Kinara Lyrics in Urdu are:

“او ماجھی رے، اپنا کنارا، ندیا کی ڈھارا ہے
او ماجھی رے …

ساہلوں پہ بہنے والے
کبھی سنا تو ہوگا کہیں، او …
ہو، کاغذوں کی کشتیوں کا
کہیں کنارا ہوتا نہیں
ہو ماجھی رے … ماجھی رے
کوئی کنارا جو کنارے سے ملے وہ،
اپنا کنارا ہے …
او ماجھی رے …

پانیوں میں بہ رہے ہیں
کئی کنارے ٹوٹے ہوئے او …
ہو، راستوں میں مل گؓے ہیں
سبھی سہارے چھوٹے ہوئے …
کوئی سہارا مجھ دھارے میں ملے وہ،
اپنا سہارا ہے …

او ماجھی رے، اپنا کنارا، ندیا کی ڈھارا ہے
او ماجھی رے …”

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