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Are you looking for Kuch Toh Hai कुछ तो है Song Lyrics? If yes then you are on the right place.”Kuch Toh Hai” from the Bollywood movie “Do Lafzon Ki Kahani” is a soul-stirring melody that effortlessly weaves the tapestry of love and longing. Released in 2016, the film, directed by Deepak Tijori, unfolds a poignant narrative, and the song becomes the poignant heartbeat of the romantic journey it encapsulates. Composed by Amaal Mallik, with insightful lyrics penned by Manoj Muntashir, “Kuch Toh Hai” resonates with the universal theme of love’s ineffable mysteries and the poignant emotions that accompany it.

The song opens with a haunting instrumental arrangement, setting a contemplative and melancholic tone. The gentle strumming of the guitar and the evocative piano chords create an emotional landscape that prepares the listener for the heartrending tale about to unfold. As the music sways with a subtle rhythm, it draws the audience into a world where love is not just an emotion but a profound experience that transcends boundaries.

Arijit Singh, known for his soulful renditions, lends his voice to “Kuch Toh Hai,” infusing the lyrics with a depth that goes straight to the heart. His nuanced delivery captures the essence of the emotions embedded in every word, making the listener feel the raw vulnerability and passion that love entails. The opening lines, “Kuch toh hai tujhse raabta, kuch toh hai tujhse raabta,” immediately establish a connection, hinting at an unspoken bond that ties two souls together.


Kuch Toh Hai कुछ तो है Song Lyrics



Manoj Muntashir’s lyrics delve into the intricacies of love, beautifully expressing the inexplicable connection between two individuals. The words are not just poetic; they are a mirror to the human heart’s deepest desires and vulnerabilities. The recurring theme of ‘raabta,’ meaning a connection or bond, resonates throughout the song, becoming a leitmotif that echoes the central theme of the movie.

The visuals of the song, intertwined with the movie’s narrative, unfold on-screen, adding layers to the emotions conveyed through the music and lyrics. The cinematography captures the essence of love’s journey, from the initial spark to the intense longing that follows. The chemistry between the protagonists further enhances the emotional impact, making “Kuch Toh Hai” an integral part of the film’s emotional landscape.

As the song progresses, the music builds, incorporating orchestral elements that heighten the emotional intensity. The interplay of strings, coupled with Arijit Singh’s impassioned vocals, creates a crescendo of emotions that mirrors the tumultuous journey of love depicted in the film. The chorus, with its repeated affirmation of the connection between the lovers, becomes an anthem of love, leaving an indelible mark on the listener’s soul.

In conclusion, “Kuch Toh Hai” is not just a song; it’s a lyrical masterpiece that explores the profound nuances of love. Amaal Mallik’s composition, Arijit Singh’s emotive rendition, and Manoj Muntashir’s evocative lyrics come together to create a musical gem that stands the test of time. As the song reverberates through the corridors of memory, it continues to be a testament to the enduring power of love and its ability to touch the deepest recesses of the human heart.

Details of Kuch Toh Hai कुछ तो है Song Lyrics of Do Lafzon Ki Kahani Movie

Details of Kuch Toh Hai कुछ तो है Song Lyrics of Do Lafzon Ki Kahani Movie are:


Details of Kuch Toh Hai कुछ तो है Song Lyrics of Do Lafzon Ki Kahani Movie


Title Kuch Toh Hai
Movie Do Lafzon Ki Kahani
Year 2016
Singer Arijit Singh
Composer Amaal Mallik
Lyricist Manoj Muntashir
Genre Romantic, Soulful
Language Hindi
Duration Approximately 4 minutes 30 seconds
Release Date January 2016
Director Deepak Tijori
Main Cast Randeep Hooda, Kajal Aggarwal
Music Label T-Series

Kuch Toh Hai कुछ तो है Song Lyrics in English

Kuch Toh Hai कुछ तो है Song Lyrics in English are:

Aahatein kaisi yeh aahatein
Sunta hoon aaj kal aye dil bata
Dastakein dete hain dastakein
Kyun ajnabi se pal aye dil bata

Kuch toh hai jo neend aaye kam
Kuch toh hai jo aankhe hai nam
Kuch toh hai jo tu keh de toh
Haste haste marr jaaye hum

Mujhse zyada mere jaisa
Koi hai toh hai tu
Phir na jaane dil mera kyun
Tujhko na de sakun..

Kuch toh hai jo dil ghabraaye
Kuch toh hai jo saans na aaye
Kuch toh hai jo hum honthon se
Kehte kehte keh naa paaye

Jo humaare darmiyaan hai
Isko hum kya kahein
Ishq kya hai ik lehar hai
Aao iss mein bahein

Kuch toh hai jo hum hain khoye
Kuch toh hai jo tum na soye
Kuch toh hai jo hum dono yun
Haste haste itna roye

Kuch Toh Hai कुछ तो है Song Lyrics in Hindi

Kuch Toh Hai कुछ तो है Song Lyrics in Hindi are:


Kuch Toh Hai कुछ तो है Song Lyrics in Hindi


आहटें कैसी ये आहटें
सुनता हूँ आज कल, ए दिल बता
दस्तकें देते हैं दस्तकें
क्यूँ अजनबी से पल, ये दिल बताकुछ तो है जो नींद आये कम
कुछ तो है जो आँखें हैं नम
कुछ तो है जो तू कह दे तो
हँसते हँसते मर जाएँ हम
मुझसे ज्यादा मेरे जैसा
कोई है तो है तू
फिर ना जाने दिल मेरा क्यूँ
तुझको ना दे सकून
कुछ तो है जो दिल घबराए
कुछ तो है जो सांस ना आये
कुछ तो है जो हम होंठों से
कहते कहते कह ना पाएं
जो हमारे दरमियाँ हैं
इस को हम क्या कहें
इश्क क्या है इक लहर है
आओ इसमें बाहें
कुछ तो है जो हम हैं खोये
कुछ तो है जो तुम ना सोये
कुछ तो है जो हम दोनों यूँ
हँसते हँसते इतना रोये

Kuch Toh Hai कुछ तो है Song Lyrics in Urdu

Kuch Toh Hai कुछ तो है Song Lyrics in Urdu are:

آہٹیں کیسی یہ آہٹیں
سنتا ہوں آج کل، اے دل بتا
دستکیں دیتے ہیں دستکیں
کیوں اجنبی سے پل، یہ دل بتا
کچھ تو ہے جو نیند آئے کم
کچھ تو ہے جو آنکھیں ہیں نم
کچھ تو ہے جو تو کہ دے تو
ہنستے ہنستے مر جائیں ہم

مجھ سے زیادہ میرے جیسا
کوئی ہے تو ہے تو
پھر نہ جانے دل میرا کیوں
تجھ کو نہ دے سکوں
کچھ تو ہے جو دل گھبرائے
کچھ تو ہے جو سانس نہ آئے
کچھ تو ہے جو ہم ہونٹوں سے
کہتے کہتے کہ نہ پائیں
جو ہمارے درمیان ہیں
اس کو ہم کیا کہیں
عشق کیا ہے اک لہر ہے
آؤ اس میں باہیں
کچھ تو ہے جو ہم ہیں کھوئے
کچھ تو ہے جو تم نہ سوئے
کچھ تو ہے جو ہم دونوں یوں
ہنستے ہنستے اتنا روئے

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