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Are you looking for Aa Ri Aaja Nindiya Lyrics? If yes then you are on the right place.”Aa Ri Aaja Nindiya” is a timeless melody that resonates with the essence of longing and the soothing embrace of sleep. Penned by the prolific lyricist Majrooh Sultanpuri, this song finds its home in the Bollywood movie “Kunwaara Baap,” a 1974 film directed by Mehmood. With its soul-stirring lyrics and melodious composition, “Aa Ri Aaja Nindiya” has captivated audiences for decades, earning a special place in the hearts of music enthusiasts.

As the opening notes of the song gently waft through the air, listeners are transported into a realm where dreams intertwine with reality. The lyrics, adorned with poetic imagery, paint a vivid picture of a yearning heart seeking solace in the arms of sleep. Each verse unfolds like a delicate tapestry, weaving together emotions of longing, nostalgia, and the timeless allure of dreams.

The title itself, “Aa Ri Aaja Nindiya,” beckons sleep to come forth and envelop the weary soul in its comforting embrace. The repetitive invocation reflects the desperation of the protagonist, urging sleep to descend like a benevolent deity and grant respite from the trials of the waking world. It’s a plea born out of exhaustion, yet imbued with a sense of hope that sleep will bring solace and renewal.


Aa Ri Aaja Nindiya Lyrics



Majrooh Sultanpuri’s mastery shines through in every word, as he skillfully crafts verses that tug at the heartstrings. Through his lyrical prowess, he captures the universal experience of seeking refuge from life’s burdens in the sanctuary of sleep. Each line resonates with a deep sense of longing, drawing listeners into the innermost recesses of the protagonist’s psyche.

The music, composed by the renowned R.D. Burman, serves as the perfect companion to Sultanpuri’s poignant lyrics. With its soft melodies and gentle rhythms, it creates an ethereal atmosphere that mirrors the tranquility of a peaceful slumber. Burman’s genius lies in his ability to evoke emotion through music, and in “Aa Ri Aaja Nindiya,” he succeeds in transporting listeners to a realm where time stands still and worries fade away.

“Kunwaara Baap,” the film in which “Aa Ri Aaja Nindiya” is featured, tells the story of a man navigating the trials and tribulations of single parenthood. Mehmood, the director and lead actor of the film, infuses it with his trademark blend of humor and pathos, creating a narrative that resonates with audiences of all ages. The song serves as a poignant moment in the film, capturing the protagonist’s yearning for peace amidst the chaos of his life.

In essence, “Aa Ri Aaja Nindiya” transcends the boundaries of time and space, speaking to the universal human experience of seeking solace in the embrace of sleep. Through its evocative lyrics and soul-stirring melody, it continues to enchant listeners, reminding them of the timeless power of music to soothe the soul and uplift the spirit.

Details of Aa Ri Aaja Nindiya Lyrics of Kunwaaraa Baap Movie

Details of Aa Ri Aaja Nindiya Lyrics of Kunwaaraa Baap Movie are:

Song Title Aa Ri Aaja Nindiya
Movie Kunwaara Baap
Year 1974
Director Mehmood
Lyricist Majrooh Sultanpuri
Composer R.D. Burman
Singer(s) Lata Mangeshkar
Genre Bollywood, Lullaby
Language Hindi
Duration Approximately 5 minutes
Theme Longing, Sleep, Solace
Context Protagonist’s yearning for peace amidst single parenthood
Notable Actors Mehmood, Vinod Mehra, Bharathi, Om Mehta
Music Label Saregama

Aa Ri Aaja Nindiya Lyrics in English

Aa Ri Aaja Nindiya Lyrics in English are:

Aa Ri Aaja, Nidiya Tu Le Chal Kahin
Udankhatole Mein, Door Door Door Yaha Se Door

Mera To Ye Jivan Tamam
Mere Yaar Bhara Dukh Se
Par Mujhako Jaha Mein Mila
Sukh Kaun Bada Tujhse
Tere Liye Meri Jan, Zahar Hazar, Main Pi Lunga
Taj Dungaa Duniya, Ek Tere, Sang Ji Lunga
O Nazar Ke Noor

Aa Ri Aaja, Nidiya Tu Le Chal Kahin
Udankhatole Mein, Door Door Door Yaha Se Door

Ye Sach Hai Ki Main Agar
Sukh Chain Tera Chahu
Teri Duniya Se Main Phir Kahin
Ab Door Chala Jaon

Nahiin Mere Daddy, Aisi Baat, Phir Se Naa Kahna
Rahega Na Jab Tu
Phir Mujhko Bhi Nahi Rahna
Na Ja Tu Hamse Door

Aa Ri Aaja Nindiya Lyrics in Hindi

Aa Ri Aaja Nindiya Lyrics in Hindi are:

आ री आजा
निंदिया तू ले चल कहीं
उड़नखटोले में
दूर दूर दूर, यहाँ से दूर

मेरा तो ये जीवन तमाम
मेरे यार भरा दुःख से
पर मुझको जहां में मिला
सुख कौन बड़ा तुझसे
तेरे लिए मेरी जान
ज़हर हज़ार मैं पी लूँगा
तज दूंगा दुनिया
एक तेरे संग जी लूँगा
ओ नज़र के नूर
आ री आजा निंदिया…

ये सच है कि मैं अगर
सुख चैन तेरा चाहूँ
तेरी दुनिया से मैं फिर कहीं
अब दूर चला जाऊं

नहीं मेरे डैडी
ऐसी बात फिर से न कहना
रहेगा न जब तू
फिर मुझको भी नहीं रहना
न जा तू हमसे दूर
आ री आजा निंदिया…

Aa Ri Aaja Nindiya Lyrics in Urdu

Aa Ri Aaja Nindiya Lyrics in Urdu are:

آ ری آجا
نندیا تو لے چل کہیں
اُڑنخٹولے میں
دور دور دور، یہاں سے دور

میرا تو یہ جیون تمام
میرے یار بھرا دُکھ سے
پر مجھ کو جہاں میں ملا
سُکھ کون بڑا تجھ سے
تیرے لئے میری جان
زہر ہزار میں پی لوں گا
تج دوں گا دنیا
ایک تیرے سنگ جی لوں گا
او نظر کے نور
آ ری آجا نندیا…

یہ سچ ہے کہ میں اگر
سکھ چین تیرا چاہوں
تیری دُنیا سے میں پھر کہیں
اب دور چلا جاؤں

نہیں میرے ڈیڈی
ایسی بات پھر سے نہ کہنا
رہے گا نہ جب تو
پھر مجھ کو بھی نہیں رہنا
نہ جا تو ہم سے دور
آ ری آجا نندیا…

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